The Knights Templar, The Grand Priory of Scandinavia

The Knights Templar, Grand Priory of Scandinavia

Dear Knights! 



The Nights Templars Humanitarian Fund has today transferred SEK 100,000 to the Red Cross' Ukraine aid. It is thus a gift from all the Knights in the Nights Templar Grand Priority Scandinavia to support social relief efforts in Ukraine or among Ukrainians who have been forced to flee their country.

For the sake of clarity, even if it does not appear from this particular e-mail: Grand Prior Sweden Peter Öberg K.G.C.T.J. has by e-mail today (and also in Facebook!) announced that the gift is supported by Priory of Sweden - and Grand Prior Peter himself has already today contributed to replenishing Humanitarians account.

We recomend all country's priority to inform all its Knights by e-mail about this gift and to appeal to each Knight to replenish the Humanitarian Fund's coffers (preferably with a fairly large amount), so that Humanitarian Fund can continue its long-term activities?

The Humanitarian Fund's Swedish plus giro account is 646 37 66-3. In Norway (and possibly also in Denmark and Finland) is it perhaps more appropriate for the Knights to pay to a local bank account?

On behalf of the Humanitarian Fund, I thank you in advance for every gift to our Humanitarian Fund. 

Håkan Helander K.G.C.T.J.
Treasurer of the Order of the Temple Humanitarian Fund