The Knights Templar, The Grand Priory of Scandinavia

The Knights Templar, Grand Priory of Scandinavia

Pro Merito

Knights Templar is the principal of Pro Merito medal reward, which can be imparted to the person who made themselves particularly well served by the Order's attention and appreciation. Draft medalist can be sent to the Board of reward medal Pro Merito.ProMerito SMweb

The medal is oval and made ​​of silver in the 8th size. It shows on the obverse the Knights Cross, at the edge of a stylized stock, and on the smooth side "PRO MERITO" medal number, recipient's name and the year of the fief.

Proposals to worthy recipients come mainly from the Order's knights.

Pro Merito Medal Committee 2017-2018

Chairman Jonas Montgomery, K.G.C.T.J.
Member Antti Juntunen, K.C.T.J.
Member Bjørn Aksel Sund, K.G.O.T.J.
Member Mats Lekman, K.G.C.T.J.
Member Hans Levin Hansen, K.G.C.T.J.

Pro Merito has been awarded

Marikka Purola2018 Marikka Purola
On April 26, 2017, a train accident occurred in Leksvall. A military vehicle collided with a railcar. In the accident four people died, four were seriously injured and seven people were injured in a minor manner. Marikka Purola lives near the scene of the accident and went straight to the site. It was bad weather and it was clear that the rescue helicopter could not fly. Marikka started the rescue work before the ambulance arrived and she was urged by chief physician Peter Braskén to stay at the scene of the accident and, if necessary, medicate and provide medical emergency assistance to injured persons. Without her efforts at the scene, more of the victims probably had died.

Stian Brænden 2015

2015 Stian Brænden
A three year old boy had climbed down the track at Moelv station, Stian make the courageous decision to jump onto the tracks while a train is entering the station. Stian get the boy and throws him up at the station and shortly after Stian myself get up in perongen will train into the station. Stians intervention shows the very great courage.


Dennis SilfvastPM2014 Dennis Silfvast
Twenty-two-year-old Dennis Silfvast was awarded Pro Merito because he saved the life of his mother in a fierce fire. That he himself survived can be described as a miracle. Dennis lives with constant pain and nightmares. Dennis intervention shows great courage, resourcefulness and courage.


Christian Gow HansenWeb2013 Christian Hansen Gow
Christian Gow HansenFör quickly intervened associated with cardiac arrest of an elderly man on the train to Lyngby. Christian Gow Hansen started cardiac massage and thereby saved the man's life.

2010 Anna Theresa Nordlund
For the life-saving efforts in the boil in augusit 2005.

2005 Erik Liungman
For his personal humanitarian emergency, on Phi Phi Island, Thailand in conjunction with the major tsunami in 2004, where he was shown great courage, resourcefulness and leadership well beyond what would normally be expected of a fellow human being in such a chaotic situation.

2003 Petter Skauen
Aid Worker Petter Skauen conferred Pro Merito for his many years of work for Kirkens Nødhjelp primarily in Guatemala, where he spent twenty years. He played a central role in establishing the peace agreement between the guerrillas and the authorities after 36 years of war.

2001 Jörgen Öberg
Major Jörgen Öberg was conferred Pro Merito to during their service in the United Nations as an observer proved extraordinarily great personal courage and responsibility in a hostage situation in Georgia in 1999.

1999 Ulrika Nilsson
Assistant Ulrika Nilsson received the Pro Merito for her through a quick, resolute and courageous intervention rescued thirteen elderly from being burnt alive in a retirement home in southern Sweden.

1998 Rolf Ekéus
Ambassador Rolf Ekeus conferred Pro Merito that he as head of UNSCOM in Iraq 1991-1998 showed great personal courage and iniative when it came to identifying the existence of mass destruction weapons consent.

1997 Daniel Müller and Kasper Pettersson
Both conscripts in the regiment KA3. At a traffic acciident in Gotland saved them the life of a comrade by a resourceful intervention under extraordinarily dramatic circumstances.