The Knights Templar, The Grand Priory of Scandinavia

The Knights Templar, Grand Priory of Scandinavia


The Knights Templars most important task is charity, friendship and concern for fellow human beings in Christian others. There are many ways to help view and consideration.

Below, we present some ways to contribute to a better world.

Knight's Money Box

RiddarbössanOne way to support our relief work is to save your coins in a money box "Knight's Money Box" and when it gets full deposit the money in any of our accounts for the humanitarian aid activities. In this way you will help life will be better for our beneficiaries who are children in great need of help.

A "Knight Money Box" is simple to arrange. Paint a small milk jug white and provide it with a black band around. Paint a Knights Cross above the black band (see picture). Make a simple hole in the lid and then you have made up your own "Knight's Money Box".

Every day when you get home so you stop a few coins in the "Knight's Money Box" and soon it will be full.

Fix your Knight's Money Box today!

Become a blood donor and save lives

BlodgivarsymbolTo be a blood donor means to help a sick or injured neighbor. It might be the case at a difficult birth, accident, cancer or hip replacement surgery.

There is no alternative to the donor effort because blood can not be manufactured artificially. Blood is additionally a fresh product that can only be stored for six weeks. Blood donation is not more than about half an hour three to four times a year.

Blood Donor Information from the respective countries are listed below.
Apply today!

Denmark Finland Norway Sweden


fadderIf you want to help children around the world is a mentor to some of the organizations that we present below is a good option. Click on the organization name and read further about their important work.

The personal sponsorship involves contact and exchange between people from different parts of the world. We believe this leads to greater understanding and a willingness to be part of changing. Sponsorship can provide insights into the lives of children around the world and their own ability to influence this life for the better.

International efforts

UNwithThOCommitment in international peace support operations is ultimately intended to help maintain international peace and security and thus facilitate equitable and sustainable global development. Scandinavia's participation in peace support operations is ultimately also about promoting our Nordic security and our interests.

As a knight of the Knights Templar, you can contribute to peace and security by participating in its civilian and military operations around the world. Knights Templar, each year a number of knights out on international operations and the Knights have the good tradition of sending greetings from its fields.

Make an effort for peace and security!

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