The Knights Templar, The Grand Priory of Scandinavia

The Knights Templar, Grand Priory of Scandinavia

Priory of Sweden

EvenOSMTHSverigeweb before Grand Priory of Scandinavia was established, there were a number of individual knights in Sweden, among others, Joachim Tiedeman and Paul Tomori. It was only through the Order's Grand Master's decision in 1981 institute Grand Priory of Scandinavia comprising Denmark, Norway, Swedish-Finland and Sweden by Gert Grotte as Grand Prior General, today's Knights Templar began its development.

The first Swedish dubbing took place in Halmstad in 1982 and thereafter, from the autumn of 1983, was conducted formal dubbing are in Stockholm.

Welcome to Priory of Sweden

Grand Prior Sverige Peter Öberg webOn these pages we want to give you our view of the Knights Templar activities in Sweden.

Knights Templar is now a modern successor to the military order of knights founded in 1118. We are inspired by the good that contemporary knights accounted for mainly by international aid activities with Christian overtones. All this is very well depicted for example in Jan Guillou's novels about Arn of Gotia - Knight of the Knights Templar. Hopefully our information to increase your interest in history, the Middle Ages, the Knights Templar and thus induce you to help us help.

Knights of the Order Swedish part - the Knights Templar, Priory of Sweden - consisting of more than 200 knights, scattered across the country. The management of the Priory is exercised by the Grand Prior (principal representative) with the support of a convention.

Our core business is to do good - and right, but we also want to be able to act as a bridge between generations, countries, religions, cultures, ages, ie improving mutual understanding and exchange between individuals.

We also devote ourselves to the study of history, heraldry and genealogy. Our internal social activities include a number of knights and chivalry days of meetings throughout the Nordic region, with a view to including strengthening our old traditional Nordic togetherness.

I wish you a moment's worthwhile reading!

Peter Öberg, Grand Officer
Grand Priory of Sweden