The Knights Templar, The Grand Priory of Scandinavia

The Knights Templar, Grand Priory of Scandinavia


Ordensinsignia, knightinsignia or insignia, is evidence of the individual knight's rank and dignity which include the Knights Templar Cross, the Grand Star, the Knight Ribbon, appointment letter and chivalry board. The Knight insignia assigned Knight when dubbing or promotion and shall be returned to the Order when the Knight dies or otherwise leaves the Order.

Furthermore assigned new Knight recreceive Knight Templar Mantle who is the Knight's most important symbol of chivalry.

Knight, KTJ

(Latin: Eques)

RThO smallweb

Officer, KOTJ

(Latin: Officialis)

OffThO smallweb

Commander, KCTJ

(Latin: Commendator / Commendatrix)

KThO smallweb

Grand Officer, KGOTJ

(Latin: Magnus / Magna Officialis)


Knight Grand Cross, KGCTJ

(Latin: Eques Magnae Crucis)

StKThO smallweb


Knight Grand Cross Grand Prior, KGCTJ

(Latin: Eques Magnae Crucis)



Knight Grand Cross Grand Prior General, KGCTJ

(Latin: Eques Magnae Crucis)



Knight mantle

(Latin: Mantellum)


ThO ordensmantel small