Annual meeting, Grand Chapter and Bal 2015-04-24

Saturday, StorprioratSkandinavienweb sApril 25 conducted Grand Priory of  Scandinavia's annual meeting, Knight Chapter and Knight Bal.

The meeting toke place under the leadership of the Priory of Norway in the beautiful city of Drammen, Norway.

During Knights Templar annual meeting It was appointed KCTJ Tom Erik Nøkleby to the Grand Prior of the Priory of Denmark, KCTJ Erik Erroll was appointed Grand Prior of the Priory of Swedish-Finland. Committee Chairman thanked by Owe for work well done by assigning KGOTJ Per Samuelsson Knights Templar Order's gold plaque for meritorious work for many years.

On successful completion annula meeting went Knight with relatives to Bragernes Church where the Grand Chapter was conducted.

During the Grand Prior General KGCTJ Owe Wagermark's leadership was dubbed five (5) postulanter to the Knights of the Templars. For more promoted five (5) Knight who was appointed to the Officers of the Knights Templar, three (3) Knight was appointed Commanders of the Templars, five (5) Knight was appointed to the Great Officers of the Knights Templar, and finally appointed three (3) Knight of Grand Cross Knight of the Knights Templar.

After the Word of God by the chaplain KGOTJ Vidar Vik was time to award the Pro Merito medal for courageous intervention. Stain Brænden received the applause Pro Merito and Stains courageous intervention can read under the "Charity" and "Pro Merito" (Shortcut: Pro Merito)

When the nominations were implemented was conducted the installation of new Grand Prior General. KGCTJ Christer Blomberg was appointed by outgoing Grand Prior General KGCTJ Owe Wagermark.

The collection that took place in the church was donated to the Knights Templar Humanitarian Fund.

After a well-implemented words chapter Bragernes Kirke we moved to the Freemasons in Drammen to enjoy a delicious three-course menu consisting of seafood cocktail for starter, roast sirloin for main dish and homemade caramel pudding for dessert.

Speaking conducted by new knights, promoted knights as well as uncovering the outgoing officers. Knights Templar greeted our new knights welcome to our order.

Grand Prior General Emeritus KGCTJ Owe Wagermark concludes feast meal to thank Priory of Norway and serving staff for a well-conducted day and night.

Nydubbade ProMerito
New Knights of the Templars Stian Brønden receives Pro Merito
GPG dubbas
Grand Prior General Owe Wagermark appoints new Grand Prior General Christer Blomberg KGCT
ThO ledning Honnorsbordet Drammen
Grand Priory of Skandinavia management Top table at the Knight´s Bal

Bild och text av Jonas Stålhandske Palovaara, KThO

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